Episode 022



March 11th, 2021

48 mins 57 secs

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Now things are really getting serious (and also kinda silly). Jason steps fully into his role as HR OVERLORD and gives Andrew and Martin a set of performance reviews that they will never forget. Following that, they discuss the market power of Amazon, then give their latest Media Corner picks and finally, things get a bit weird as a big pickle jar is opened.

Hemispheric Performance Reviews 00:00:00

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Escaping the Amazon 00:18:40

Media Corner 00:30:00

  • Did you hear that awesome new Media Corner Theme Song?!
  • Brought to you by the one and only Alex Canion 🎸
  • Mayonnaise Basses (Or Mayones if you want to say it correctly)
  • Progressive Rock
  • Bass face
  • We were going to link to a definition of “Nude Nut”. Never mind. Please do not search this.

Martin’s Pick 🎥

Andrew’s Pick 📺

Jason’s PIck 🎵

Pickles? 00:43:50


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