Hey everyone! Who's up for a sticker giveaway!?

Post a photo of yourself listening to an episode of Hemispheric Views out in the wild for a chance to score a sweet sticker—sent straight to your doorstep! To enter, simply tag either @HemisphericV on Twitter or @HemisphericViews on Micro.blog, plus either Martin, Andrew or Jason! We will randomly choose five people on March 15th (or 15 March, depending on your hemisphere... 😉)!

Here’s where you can find each host...

Tag Martin

Twitter: @martinfeld

Micro.blog: @martinfeld

Tag Andrew

Twitter: @andrewcanion

Micro.blog: @canion

Tag Jason

Micro.blog: @burk

You can always purchase a sticker as well to support the show at any time! Visit the Hemispheric Views Sticker Shop.

Good luck everyone and thanks for listening!