Episode 023

McCafé Mail!


March 25th, 2021

49 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

If there are two things that Apple users like to obsess about, they would be email apps and iOS Homescreen layouts. This time, we address both of topics! Andrew reveals his wildly unpredictable Homescreen layout, Martin gets a bit cranky at widgets and Jason goes fluoro-green. Scroll down to view the linked screens as they’re discussed and don’t forget to show us yours!

Americans Like to Mix Stuff 00:00:00

Follow Up: Stickers 00:01:41

Sticker Giveaway 00:04:03

  • Thanks to everyone who listens and enjoy those stickers!
  • Don’t forget to send pictures of where you put them!

Hey and Other Email 00:04:34

iOS Email Apps 00:08:29

Conversation Views 00:10:02

How to Fix Email 00:11:29

  • RSS 🗞
  • Slack
  • Big Mail looks really neat.
  • Machine learning all the things! 🤖

Homescreens Introduction 00:14:26

Andrew's Homescreen 00:14:52

(Total apps on phone: 169)

Photo of Andrew’s Homescreen

Martin's Homescreen 00:23:32

(Total apps on phone: 76)

Photo of Martin’s Homescreen

Watch Tangent 00:33:35

Jason's Homescreen 00:35:22

(Total apps on phone: 218)

Photo of Jason’s Homescreen

Share Your Screen 00:49:10


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