Episode 021

Ad Lib!


February 25th, 2021

45 mins 23 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Normally when we swap our hemispheric views each episode, we follow some sort of agenda. Well, this time, we thought that we'd try something different: WE THREW THE AGENDA OUT THE WINDOW. Do we actually know how to talk to each other? You'll find out! As a result, Andrew fondly recalls how he used to wear ties, Jason marvels at the Mars mission and Martin shares memories of throwing peanuts on the floor.

Studio Upgrade 00:00:00

iPhone Rules of Engagement 00:02:40

Introduction 00:10:25

  • We actually started the episode!
  • Agenda = "..."
  • Andrew couldn't bring himself not to have an agenda. Are you surprised?

He Bought Us a Coffee 00:11:25


Mars Perseverance Rover Landing 00:13:10

Who Wears a Tie? 00:20:00

Lone Star Steakhouse 00:24:40

Sizzler Steakhouse 00:26:20

Talking to Strangers 00:27:15

Delivery Experiences 00:30:50

Work as Performance Art 00:37:45

Outback Steakhouse 00:40:00

Down Under? 00:42:30

Hemispheric Views Store 00:43:25


This episode was edited by Andrew using Ferrite.

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