One Prime Plus 016: A Word from my Brother

Patrons of Hemispheric Views have recently enjoyed one of our greatest episodes of all time (in my humble opinion). This member-only episode had us reveal a photo of our pre-teen self, and consider how it reflected on how we are today.

My photo was of my dressed as a nerd, with my brother, dressed as a punk. I had fragments of memory but I was curious to know what else my brother, Patrick, might be able to add to the story.

The photo was taken around 1988. That made me 11 years old. It was a church event which Patrick thinks may have been at the South Perth Community Centre. My brother’s wife did the make-up and costumes. She is the one who took the photo.

Patrick was disappointed that neither Martin or Jason mentioned the pocket protector I was wearing, which they thought was the best feature of the whole outfit.

Patrick recalls that I was excited and thought it was a lot of fun. In this, I agree that I would have enjoyed the design and preparation, but I maintain that once I was there, my mood changed and I wanted to get out of there.

The tie I was wearing was one of Patrick’s. He used to wear it to work.

Patrick’s jacket was his and he wore it for a number of years until it eventually fell apart. Patrick got the jacket from our Grandad. My Grandad got it after World War II sometime. So as Jason suggested, that jacket must have seen some shit! It was genuine leather but heavy and stiff.

Thanks Pat, for adding context and detail to our photo exploration!