Nostalgic November // Hemisphereans

For the month of November, we encouraged Hemisphereans to submit photos, videos or stories about anything that they find nostalgic. Whether each submission was about a technological device, movie, song or any other kind of memory, we were simply interested to see what was important to our listeners!

To kick things off, we happened to be very game-centric, with pieces about Stratego, You Don't Know Jack and the Nintendo Zapper. Check out each of the listener submissions below, which are presented in the order that they were received.

Nick Tan (Perth Bandits)

Submitted via Discord

90’s alt/rock/grunge music which I now collect on vinyl

Natasha Kandilas Feld

Submitted via Discord

My siblings and I used to regularly watch the Timon and Pumbaa show on a random VHS tape that we had. The show and our memory of it disappeared into oblivion when DVDs became mainstream. A few weeks ago I sent an audio message to my brother and sister quoting a very specific part of one episode (it had popped into my head and Martin had no idea what I was talking about) and they instantly knew what it was even though we haven’t seen it in years. If you’re interested, I laughed like the French chef in this episode (from about 4:05-4:10).

David Hoskin

Blog Post

As I get older, there are many things that trigger a feeling of nostalgia. There are many past moments that are triggered by sights, sounds, smells, objects. But the one item that is most appropriate for Nostalgic November is my collection of Doc Savage paperbacks... keep reading

Eric Walker

Blog Post

I have always had this interest / fascination with trains which at some point also lead me to model trains when I was younger. I am not sure when it ever first started but it could have been a visit to the Henry Ford Museum... keep reading

Laker Turner

Blog Post

Nostalgia is a weird thing for me. I mean with the amount of memory loss I have, anyone would see the concept of nostalgia as something we wish we had... keep reading

Maique Madeira

Blog Post

I was fortunate to have a happy childhood, full of great memories. There is one of those memories, one that surfaces every time I remember those happy days. Summer vacation had a part where we’d go to the north of the country, mountain area, where both my parents come from... keep reading

Luis Gabriel Santiago Alvarado (Gaby/Gabz)

Blog Post

This is something that comes around every holiday, especially around turkey day. I have lived in Idaho since February 2008, which means every holiday event has been very different from what I was used to, ever since... keep reading

Thank you so much to each of the Hemisphereans who submitted their stories. We love this kind of interaction and appreciate the personal insights that you granted us, along with the general support that you give to our show. If we happened to miss your submission, please let us know and we'll add it!

Of course, nostalgia isn't limited only to the month of November, so feel free to share what makes you happy whenever you like—we'd love to know about it!