Fireside 2.1 ( Hemispheric Views Blog Thu, 02 Dec 2021 02:00:00 -0800 Hemispheric Views Blog en-us Nostalgic November // Hemisphereans Thu, 02 Dec 2021 02:00:00 -0800 8e1db91d-67f0-4e36-825e-ecc2d0d1b1f4 For the month of November, we encouraged Hemisphereans to submit photos, videos or stories about anything that they find nostalgic. Whether each submission was about a technological device, movie, song or any other kind of memory, we were simply interested to see what was important to our listeners!

To kick things off, we happened to be very game-centric, with pieces about Stratego, You Don't Know Jack and the Nintendo Zapper. Check out each of the listener submissions below, which are presented in the order that they were received.

Nick Tan (Perth Bandits)

Submitted via Discord

90’s alt/rock/grunge music which I now collect on vinyl

Natasha Kandilas Feld

Submitted via Discord

My siblings and I used to regularly watch the Timon and Pumbaa show on a random VHS tape that we had. The show and our memory of it disappeared into oblivion when DVDs became mainstream. A few weeks ago I sent an audio message to my brother and sister quoting a very specific part of one episode (it had popped into my head and Martin had no idea what I was talking about) and they instantly knew what it was even though we haven’t seen it in years. If you’re interested, I laughed like the French chef in this episode (from about 4:05-4:10).

David Hoskin

Blog Post

As I get older, there are many things that trigger a feeling of nostalgia. There are many past moments that are triggered by sights, sounds, smells, objects. But the one item that is most appropriate for Nostalgic November is my collection of Doc Savage paperbacks... keep reading

Eric Walker

Blog Post

I have always had this interest / fascination with trains which at some point also lead me to model trains when I was younger. I am not sure when it ever first started but it could have been a visit to the Henry Ford Museum... keep reading

Laker Turner

Blog Post

Nostalgia is a weird thing for me. I mean with the amount of memory loss I have, anyone would see the concept of nostalgia as something we wish we had... keep reading

Luis Gabriel Santiago Alvarado (Gaby/Gabz)

Blog Post

This is something that comes around every holiday, especially around turkey day. I have lived in Idaho since February 2008, which means every holiday event has been very different from what I was used to, ever since... keep reading

Thank you so much to each of the Hemisphereans who submitted their stories. We love this kind of interaction and appreciate the personal insights that you granted us, along with the general support that you give to our show. If we happened to miss your submission, please let us know and we'll add it!

Of course, nostalgia isn't limited only to the month of November, so feel free to share what makes you happy whenever you like—we'd love to know about it!

One Prime Plus 016: A Word from my Brother Fri, 26 Nov 2021 05:00:00 -0800 e4d4a91d-d91c-4951-b653-50b2f7934b2a Further context to my pre-teen photo discussed in One Prime Plus episode 016. Patrons of Hemispheric Views have recently enjoyed one of our greatest episodes of all time (in my humble opinion). This member-only episode had us reveal a photo of our pre-teen self, and consider how it reflected on how we are today.

My photo was of my dressed as a nerd, with my brother, dressed as a punk. I had fragments of memory but I was curious to know what else my brother, Patrick, might be able to add to the story.

The photo was taken around 1988. That made me 11 years old. It was a church event which Patrick thinks may have been at the South Perth Community Centre. My brother’s wife did the make-up and costumes. She is the one who took the photo.

Patrick was disappointed that neither Martin or Jason mentioned the pocket protector I was wearing, which they thought was the best feature of the whole outfit.

Patrick recalls that I was excited and thought it was a lot of fun. In this, I agree that I would have enjoyed the design and preparation, but I maintain that once I was there, my mood changed and I wanted to get out of there.

The tie I was wearing was one of Patrick’s. He used to wear it to work.

Patrick’s jacket was his and he wore it for a number of years until it eventually fell apart. Patrick got the jacket from our Grandad. My Grandad got it after World War II sometime. So as Jason suggested, that jacket must have seen some shit! It was genuine leather but heavy and stiff.

Thanks Pat, for adding context and detail to our photo exploration!

Nostalgic November // Andrew Thu, 04 Nov 2021 00:15:00 -0700 6daf62e6-1274-48b2-880b-ac1245075351 Nostalgic November // Andrew I was in Year 5 at a new school. I didn’t know anybody. My previous school didn’t have a formal uniform and I’d worn velcro shoes everyday. Now at this new school I had to wear leather lace-ups, and I didn’t know how to tie laces.

Fair to say, I was nervous and apprehensive.

Until I discovered Stratego. Our Year 5 classroom had a bunch of games, but Stratego was epic. I made a good friend playing Stratego. I found my place. I loved the game. Before classes started in the morning, we'd play Stratego. During rainy lunchtimes when outside play was impossible, we'd play Stratego. The winner kept the board, the loser had to shuffle back to the end of the queue of players wanting a turn.

Stratego helped me assimilate into the school and become safe and secure.

In the early 2000’s I found a rudimentary online version of Stratego but it didn’t have the same experience as using a real board and pieces.

Fast-forward to now. A few months ago we were on holiday in Albany, Western Australia and we were exploring a toy store in town. On their shelves were boxes of Stratego.


I looked at the games. I looked at my 10 year old son. I looked back at the games and grabbed a box. Was I buying this game for me, him, or both of us? I like to think the latter, but it was probably the former.

Now, here we are. Nostalgia has delivered an experience in the present.


Nostalgic November // Jason Thu, 04 Nov 2021 00:15:00 -0700 a8633642-617b-4961-a298-5dbd686b921c Nostalgic November // Jason From my early days up until the present, I have always been enamored by computer-based technologies. One of the earliest examples of said technology appearing to be seemingly indistinguishable from magic came in the form of an accessory that accompanied a device that bridged my love of computers and games; the Nintendo Entertainment System and its legendary accessory, the Nintendo Zapper!

The Nintendo Zapper in original gray color from 1985.
Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper Gray

Later in 1989 it was re-released in orange.
Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper Orange

Nostalgic November // Martin Thu, 04 Nov 2021 00:15:00 -0700 d1d67b17-79df-4fbe-8ec8-c89681698075 Nostalgic November // Martin You may be wondering what on Earth is going on in the header for this article. It'll all make sense in a moment!

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved playing games on my family’s Power Macintosh 6500, such as Wolfenstein 3D, Caesar and MDK. When visiting my relatives, I made sure to jump on their later iMacs, including G3 and G4 models, to play a range of other games, including Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Nanosaur, Cro Mag Rally, Bugdom and Harry Potter. All of these games had a huge influence on me and I loved the feeling of being carried away by a combination of action and narrative.

Above all, however, there was one game that was scarred into my brain: the original You Don’t Know Jack by Jellyvision (now Jackbox Games) in 1995.

For those who are unfamiliar, the franchise is a series of TV-style quiz shows that mock the user and throw up a bizarre range of pop-culture references and gibberish. The original version captured the feeling of a TV studio beautifully, and while I was a bit too young at the time to catch and understand all the references, it was the style and use of wordplay and sound effects that really stood out to me.

For Nostalgic November, I present a little taste of that game. In this video, you’ll see it being loaded on iMac G4 in my study—once owned by my late grandmother, Barbara, who loved her Macs—which prompts the running of the Classic (OS 9) environment within Mac OS X, then transitioning to the intro video sequence and one question of the game. I hope that you’ll enjoy it!

This month, share your memories of a thing from your past that brings a smile to your face—be it a movie, song, game, product, whatever! Simply send us a text, image or video in one of the following ways: tag @HemisphericPod on Twitter with #NostalgicNovember; @HemisphericViews on; in our general Discord chat; or by email to

Arcadia June Winners Thu, 15 Jul 2021 03:00:00 -0700 464ec6c8-7f46-4183-8530-8854639fc22b To the victors go the spoils! So who are the victors? As listeners know, we have been celebrating Arcadia June all, uh, June.

Now it's July, so it's finished.

So I guess you all simply go back to listening to the podcast passively now. Well, yes you do, but not before we announce some winners!

That's right, you dutifully submitted scores to us via Discord and we (well, mainly Jason but we praise as a team around here) entered them into a Craft scoreboard.

Now through the magic of the internet and Craft's Secret Link feature, you can find out who the winners are!

Congratulations all. In my eyes, you're all winners.

// Andrew

Announcing One Prime Plus on Patreon! Wed, 05 May 2021 09:30:00 -0700 004e7871-2770-404a-bdfb-b9a1bb2459c6 A new, optional membership experience for our listeners Today we’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our Hemispheric Views universe: a Patreon site! You can find it at

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Chris's Desk Wed, 10 Feb 2021 18:15:00 -0800 2035f592-2557-4985-8285-e13bbbd50721 At Hemispheric Views, we take desk set-ups kind of seriously. Any well-respecting computer user knows that a functioning desk arrangement is key to self-worth. This was so important to us that we created some HVmini episodes to quiz one another on our own desk setups, which you can listen to here:

We are so dedicated to desk set-ups that we invited listeners to send in photos of their desks for us to critique. We created focused podcast episodes on each of those:

We've received another submission through our Discord listener forum—open to anybody who listens to the show and wants to open a line of communication with us and other listeners. This time, we thought that we'd make good use of our new blog!

That submission was from Chris. Apparently, he is a fan of the 🐼 colour scheme, as you can see below in his striking photos:



Chris also went so far as to provide details about the key elements of the photo, as follows:

  • Wrist Rest;
  • Folding Headphone Mount; and
  • The water bottle is essential for making sure he drinks enough water during the work day, and the flexible straw is a bonus.

Of course, we have our thoughts and comments about Chris’ desk.

I love the colour coordination here! The black-and-white scheme is very nice indeed. I think what impresses me the most is that even with a collection of products from different companies, Chris has managed to create a sense of consistency and harmony upon his desk. When it comes to audio devices in particular, the presence of a HomePod is most pleasing (as most people would use that either in a lounge room or kitchen) and the microphone and boom arm look pretty cool together. Does the rest of Chris’s house look this professional? Top marks!

— Martin

Wow, Chris has a full-size running track in his backyard!

— Andrew

That's clearly a cardboard PS5, because we all know they don't really exist in the world.

— Andrew

As a fellow Streamdecker, I respect his privacy in showing the logo only, but I really want to know... what's on his buttons?

— Andrew

Absolutely pristine and serene! Super jealous that he was able to snag a PS5!

Using the best cup! Hydroflask can’t be beat!

— Jason

An overall kick-ass setup that looks super comfortable with colo(u)r co-ordination that is out of this world!

— Jason

Don't eat a giant plate of spaghetti at this desk! 🍝 😱

— Jason

Do you have a desk that you’re proud of? Feel free to share it with us through the aforementioned Discord link or get in touch @HemisphericV on Twitter or by email at We can’t promise that we’ll feature every single one but we’d love to see how you organise your digital life!

A New Blog in 2021?! Wed, 10 Feb 2021 18:00:00 -0800 b533c823-1080-4747-be80-82f738c3e180 Yep, that’s right! Here at Hemispheric Views, we’ve launched a blog when it’s most fashionable.

Expanding our little corner of the Web—a little podcast universe, if you will—we’ll be adding extra content here that goes beyond the show, including other interesting stories, behind-the-scenes stuff and special announcements.

To kick things off, we’re excited to announce our very own sticker store! If you’re into sticking things onto other things, you’ll find our podcast artwork there (with adhesive!) to tickle your fancy. Other designs are coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Thanks so much for listening to the show and even for reading this blog post. You can get in touch and leave feedback @HemisphericV on Twitter, @HemisphericViews on, join our public Discord chat or even (if you’re feeling super-generous) leave a review somewhere like Apple Podcasts.

We’ve had a really fun time making Hemispheric Views since starting in 2020 and we’re looking forward to delivering even more!