Expanding the Hemispheric Views Discord in 2022!

Since launching our podcast in 2020, we’ve been thrilled to have such wonderful support from devoted Hemisphereans, with excellent feedback, conversation and questions about various topics on the show. A major factor in this interactivity has been our Hemispheric Views Discord group, which was actually prompted by listener Gabriel, who thought that it would be cool to have a place to get to know each other. He was right! With our Discord, we’ve been able to meet our listeners and make new friends.

Last year, we expanded our Discord with a range of new channels, so that it would be easier to find the right space to discuss different topics. We also refreshed our Welcome channel to make it more approachable and digestible for new people when they join. (#Rules are fine, but they’re not always friendly.)

We now have the following channels to chat with friends, receive updates and enjoy behind-the-scenes elements from the show:

  • #announcements — pings when new content or events are available;
  • #general — meet Hemisphereans and share thoughts on podcast topics;
  • #live-events — chat live with friends during tech keynotes and other live events;
  • #media-corner — make and receive recommendations about anything that you’re enjoying, whether a movie, TV show, book or otherwise;
  • #games — not everyone is seriously into gaming, so this is a separate space from Media Corner to discuss the topic;
  • #i-made-this — a safe space to share anything that you’ve been working on or completed, whether a blog post, family meal or knitted clothing;
  • #tech-support — ask fellow Hemisphereans (hosts or listeners!) for help and advice with any tech issues; and
  • #in-my-day — join others in the fun of yelling at clouds and being nostalgic about old technology and media.

In 2022, we’re pleased to introduce another new channel: #One-Prime-Plus! This space is intended exclusively for our Patreon subscribers as a member benefit, in addition to bonus podcast episodes and our monthly newsletter at oneprimeplus.com. We hope that subscribers will enjoy it and that it will avoid clogging other channels with content related to the separate podcast feed. Visit the linked site above if you’d like to learn more and join; prices were lowered last year to ensure broader access.

Given our relatively niche audience, which has a diverse range of interests, we want to offer various spaces for discussion but without so many that it causes confusion. We always welcome feedback by email, although it’s even better if you submit it through our Discord!

If you’re following the podcast, we want to say a big THANK YOU. If you haven’t joined the Discord yet, give it a try today!