Episode 083

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May 4th, 2023

50 mins 30 secs

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To mustache, or not to mustache. (Andrew needs to know) The migration assistant is fantastic, and you got how much RAM!? Do you have a series of items you carry around every day? We learn Martin is actually in Europe and loves clubs with pokie machines. And yes, Andrew does have a Rube Goldberg machine as his computer.

Grooming Corner! 00:00:00

Jason's New Computer 00:04:20

Everyday Carry 00:13:20

One Prime Plus Shout-out! 00:27:30

Andrew Talks a Lot about Something 00:29:35

Jason's HV Search and Accessibility Project 00:39:50

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  • Hemispheric Views is a podcast that covers various topics such as technology, personal productivity, and life in general. The podcast features hosts Andrew Canion, Martin Feldman, and Jason Burk, who discuss their perspectives on different issues based on their hemisphere - Andrew is in Australia, Martin is in Europe, and Jason is in North America. The podcast also includes a segment called "Story Time with Scotty" where Scotty shares his insights on various topics. In addition, the podcast occasionally features guests such as Vincent and Manton Reece. One Prime Plus members can suggest topics and have their suggestions featured on the podcast. The podcast also has an App Corner segment where the hosts recommend useful apps such as Book Track, a book management app. Recently, the podcast discussed the different kinds of sausages and how they are eaten, based on a suggestion by a One Prime Plus member. The podcast is available on Supercast and features show notes and transcripts in one place.
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