Episode 033



July 28th, 2021

55 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Andrew buys himself a present on his sonโ€™s birthday, Jason wonders if Australians enjoy hot sauce and Martin gets excited about a fake art piece. Oh, and thereโ€™s also some chat about back-ups.

โ€™Mutenyโ€™ 00:00:00

One Prime Plus Shout-Out! 00:02:00

Toyota Update 00:04:50

David's Birthday 00:08:55

Unannounced Trivia Corner 00:14:05

  • mAh = Milliampere Hours ๐Ÿ”‹
  • Question 1: How many mAh is the iPhone 3GS battery?
    • Answer: โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜
  • Question 2: What is the current version of Android?
    • Answer: โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜โ—˜

Member Topic: Back-ups 00:16:15

Playdate Pre-orders! 00:28:40

Media Corner 00:34:20

  • What is even happening hereโ€ฆ?

Media Corner (Take Two!) 00:36:40

Hot Sauce! 00:44:35


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