Episode 024

The Truth about Big Avocado!


April 1st, 2021

6 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

In this installment, we discuss avocados, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the wonders of postage and why the anecdotes just won’t stop.

The Big Avocado Reveal 00:00:00

  • 🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒REDACTED🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒
  • If you want to subvert Big Avocado, do these three things now!
    1. 🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒
    2. 🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒
    3. 🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒🁒

What Day Is Today? 00:00:45

  • April 6th?
  • April 3rd?

Games and Such 00:02:00

What Day Is Today? 00:02:15

  • Surely it's April 19th?

A Day in Kindergarten 00:03:25

What Day Is Today? 00:03:50

An Idea We Can Sell! 00:06:00

What Day Is Today? 00:06:10


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