Episode 074

Tight Thirty! (Yeah, Nah…)


December 29th, 2022

45 mins

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About this Episode

The last show! (of 2022) Let's keep it to nice 30 minutes, ok? LOL, yeah right! Let's talk some favorite photos, movies, and things we used this year that we really liked. Also, since we're here, how about some quirky habits? Thanks everyone for an awesome 2022, and we can't wait to see you all in 2023! 😃

Tight Thirty! 00:00:00

  • It’s only 30 minutes! Except it isn’t.😬

Photography Corner 00:00:10

Jason's Top Three Photos 00:07:15

Andrews Top Three Photos 00:10:10

Martins Top Three Photos 00:13:10

Media Corner 00:16:10

Tech Top Three 00:23:05

One Prime Plus Shout-out 00:32:00

  • Hi, Francine F.! 👋

Quirky Habits 00:33:25

  • What are your quirky habits? Let us know!
  • Andrew: ”I can't leave any iOS or Apple TV device on an app when going to standby. I have to return them to Springboard.”
  • Martin: Being disoriented when leaving a public restroom.

Business Corner 00:39:30

Returning to Quirky Habits 00:41:00

  • Jason: Hovering over the “Join Zoom” button for the entire 60 seconds prior to the start of a meeting.
  • Thanks for everything in 2022, everyone!
  • See you all in 2023!
  • Vuvuzela 📯


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