Episode 053

I Have Picked Up My Pen!


March 24th, 2022

48 mins 12 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Jason makes an iPad levitate, Martin accuses corporations of being all corporationy and we see what Andrew is capable of when he is holding a pen.

Economic Corner! 00:00:00

Peek Performance Purchases? 00:02:15

Trusting Corporations 00:14:15

Jason's Levitating iPad 00:27:15

Sorry! 00:34:30

  • I am sorry for that joke!
  • “Cool story”
  • McCafé ☕
  • Sorry.
  • Sorry, Andrew.
  • “Karen”
  • Sorry, mate.
  • Sorry, ma’am.
  • Sorry I stole your lunch money.
  • Thank you for being sorry.
  • Sorry about that table mate.
  • Tripod it!
  • Sorry, everyone for that segment.

Turbo Media Corner 00:45:00

Curious how editing one of these episodes is done? Check out this video Martin posted of his editing process and flow!


This episode was edited by Martin using Ferrite.

Martin’s Edit In Ferrite

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