Episode 041

It’s Not Even a Micro-abrasion!


November 4th, 2021

43 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

We're joined by Adam Newbold (aka @neatnikllc), creator of omg.lol, to discuss what went into making his service and the experience of being an indie developer. Since agreeing to our interview, he has even become a listening Hemispherean!

This month, we also launch our own Nostalgic November, inviting you to share a memory of anything from your past that brings a smile to your face, be it a movie, song, game or product—whatever! Simply send us a quick text, photo or video in one of the following ways: @HemisphericPod on Twitter with #NostalgicNovember; @HemisphericViews on Micro.blog; in our general Discord chat; or by email to hello@hemisphericviews.com. At the end of the month, we'll collect all entries into one comprehensive post on our blog to show off what is important to our listening community! To kick things off, see the nostalgic entries from Andrew, Jason and Martin on our blog.

No Beachballs on Episode Burk 00:00:00

Live Watch Worked and Somebody Won! 00:01:00

  • Hemispheric Views Live Watch 📺
  • Crocodile Dundee 🐊
  • And the winner is… GABY! 🎉

Welcome Adam from Omg.lol 00:03:00

Changes to One Prime Plus 00:24:40

Stormy Clouds 00:27:15

In-store Apple Trade-in 00:30:50

Andrew Bought More Stuff? 00:36:10

Nostalgic November 00:41:00


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