Our iPad Home Screens

Hello, Hemisphereans! In the March episode of our One Prime Plus podcast, we discuss and critique each other's iPad Home screens! If you've heard our desk and Mac desktop instalments in the past, it's a similar deal, but perhaps even pickier... 😂 (Thanks to subscriber Pixelgabz for the topic suggestion!) This is what you'll hear: Jason describes the long journey that he has undertaken to reach his current iPad status; Martin explains how he uses two devices differently; and Andrew inadvertently reveals how many things he doesn't use—whaaa...?

For our subscribers, see each of the Home screens below as an easy reference as you listen, with each one displayed in the order that they're discussed. If you'd like to hear the discussion but aren't yet a subscriber, sign up for One Prime Plus today. You'll also gain access to our full back catalogue of episodes, our monthly Hemispheric News and the exclusive #one-prime-plus members' channel in our Hemispheric Discord.

Jason's iPad mini (6th Gen.) Home Screen

Martin's iPad Pro (11-inch, 3rd Gen.) Home Screen

Martin's iPad mini (6th Gen.) Home Screen

Andrew's iPad Pro (11-inch, 3rd Gen.) Home Screen