Arcadia June 2022 Winners

This year, we were thrilled to bring back Arcadia June and see Hemisphereans battle it out across a range of mini games in the app. The competition was unbelievably fierce and it was exciting to see even more enthusiastic participation than last year. If you're reading this after the competition and haven't tried the app, check out Arcadia on the App Store.

Anyway, getting to the point, we finally have our winners! We thank you for your patience, as Jason wore his fingers to the bone recording, counting and tabulating all the scores on the leaderboard.

Assigning points for each first, second and third place gained across the mini games, Jason has found the top three Arcadia players for 2022. See them and their final points below!

  1. EricMWalk: 60
  2. fürstenberg: 37
  3. TashKan: 28

Congratulations to these three gaming Hemisphereans on their fantastic scores and, of course, to everyone who participated! This is EricMWalk’s second victory in a row, so the challenge for 2023 is to topple him!

Also, we’d like to make a further honourable mention of these insane game scores:

  • Top Bricko score — TashKan on 63,670;
  • Top Bubblemania score — Perth Bandits on 32,490; and
  • Top BadaBoom score — EricMWalk on 26,630.

For even more detail, you can check out Jason’s crazy Numbers spreadsheet.


If you enjoyed Arcadia June, let others know about the app so that we can spread even more gaming joy. Catch you for the next episode of Hemispheric Views!

*As was the case last year, please forward all complaints to Andrew or Martin. Definitely not Jason.