Episode 115

Just Fork It!

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Everyone is back in the recording booth! Don’t forget about the Live Watch! We have the final results from the epic battle that is Arcadia June 2024! What would happen if Martin and Andrew met IRL!? What is your pasta method? Jason gets a new lens. No, this isn't a photography corner. You Need an Actual Budget.

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Upcoming Live Watch! 00:00:00

Arcadia June! 00:03:00

  • Arcadia June Rules! πŸ†
  • Thanks everyone for playing this year! πŸ™
  • No spoilers for the scores and winners. You must listen! πŸ‘‚

Worlds Collide 00:13:45

Pasta Coriolis Twirling 00:26:10

XOXO 00:37:10

  • XOXO
  • Disclaimer: Jason will not be streaming from an iPad

Jason’s Apple Software Lens 00:39:30

Actual Budget 00:44:55


If you're curious about how editing one of these episodes is done, check out this second video that Martin posted of his editing process!


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