Episode 093

I Don’t Know Every Subway Bread!


September 7th, 2023

48 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

Doesn’t everyone Keep their show runsheet notes in Freeform? Not all three of us do, it would seem! Can Andrew take the harsh criticism of his desk by Martin? Apparently, there is improv role-playing in this episode. Who doesn’t like a good discussion around bubble tea and pressure washers?

False Start 00:00:00

More Freeform 00:01:35

Desk Review: Andrew 00:05:30

  • See chapter artwork for photo of Andrew’s “desk”
  • Eggplant 🍆
  • Sidecar 🏍️

A Martin Review 00:09:41

Media Corner 00:15:30

Food Corner 00:25:50

New Chair! 00:31:10

New Bike! 00:38:05

New Pressure Washer 00:43:35


If you're curious about how editing one of these episodes is done, check out this second video that Martin posted of his editing process!


This episode was edited by Andrew using Ferrite.

Andrew's Edit In Ferrite

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