Episode 081

I Am Not in Texas!


April 6th, 2023

56 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Sweet new computers from IKEA! We're living in a laptop world, and two are laptop boys. Why is Andrew's phone so small? Martin asks the question: chopsticks or fork? And yes, Jason was eating Vegemite Shapes throughout the whole show.

iKeaBook Pro Review 00:00:00

Death to iMacs! 00:05:15

Photography Corner 00:14:15

One Prime Plus Shout-out 00:24:20

Unplanned Business Corner 00:27:15

  • canion.blog/save 💰
  • Squarespace is beating our door down for a sponsorship. đŸšĒ

Big Hands, Small Phone 00:30:15

Media Corner 00:36:45

We Got an Email! 00:51:00

SmartRider 00:54:55


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