Episode 064

Nested Jackets!

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About this Episode

Jason's Internet has returned yet it still feels like something is missing on the show... It's probably nothing. Martin is doing cool stuff with tiny lenses! Oh, our Zoom was hacked.

BurkNet Returns... 00:00:00

Is Someone Missing? 00:07:30

Business Corner 00:11:20

Nested Jackets 00:22:10

A New Patron! 00:24:20

Zoombombed! 00:27:25

  • How terrible is that audio! πŸ™‰
  • Exmouth πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
  • Two IGAs!? 🍎
  • Woolies
  • Coles
  • The One Prime Plus Dot Com Equator Club?
  • It is pronounced Exmouth. Not Exmouth. πŸ‘οΈ
  • Zoombombing πŸ’£οΈ

Moment Lenses 00:34:05

App Corner? 00:49:50

T-shirt Confusion 00:56:10


Curious how editing one of these episodes is done? Check out this video Martin posted of his editing process and flow!


This episode was edited by Martin using Ferrite.

Martin's Edit In Ferrite

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