Episode 028

Tactile Satisfaction!


May 20th, 2021

47 mins 35 secs

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This time we welcome two special guests: Hannah gives a detailed review of the Remarkable 2, a premium handwriting tablet; and Natasha explains an awesome set of games within a game, which amazingly scale from Apple Watch to iPad. Meanwhile, the guys thank the initial group of One Prime Plus supporters and Martin disappears to care for Mac mini.

Introducing Our First Special Guest 00:00:00

Thank You To Our Patrons 00:01:00

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A Remarkable Review 00:04:15

Introducing Our Second Special Guest 00:32:00

Arcadia Review 00:32:30

Thanks Again Patrons 00:42:30

  • Thank you all so much! ❀️

Shopping Dockets / Store Receipts 00:43:45


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