Episode 009

You've Buggered Up Your Quadrants!


November 19th, 2020

45 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Following an intense cross-examination of desks, Jason shares impressions of his iPhone 12 mini, Martin looks forward to receiving a new purchase and Andrew explains his burning passion for personal spreadsheets. Of course, weirdness ensues during Media Corner...

Show Us Your Desks! 00:00:00

Jason's iPhone 12 mini 00:01:30

'One More Thing' Event 00:07:00

TestFlight and Demos 00:16:30

Andrew's Weird Document 00:22:00

How the Week Should Start 00:30:00

  • Does your week begin on Sunday or Monday?
  • Martin starts his week on Monday!
  • Andrew used to start his week on Sunday?!
  • Jason is horrified at this point. 😱
  • (Don't worry, he now uses Monday.)
  • hemisphericviews.com
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Apple Numbers

Media Corner 00:35:00

Andrew's Pick 📺

Jason's Pick 🎮

Martin's Pick 📺

This episode was edited by Martin Feld with Ferrite Recording Studio.

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